Products & Services

Business Administration System & Coaching

A simple start for our entrepreneurs and SME’s!! Developing a management system doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our CRM system; DESKY, will help you automate your business administration processes and business activities. DESKYCRM is a web-based, SSL-certified, user-friendly software that will help you not only manage your administration but also comply with local rules and regulations. It will accelerate business growth and increase visibility giving you more time to focus on your business activity which brings in income.

Our objectives are to help you grow, double or even triple your income. In combination with our CRM system, we coach our end-users to get the maximum out of their system. Defining the business solution that works for them and solely their business.

Business Consulting: Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

We Help Clients:

  • Anticipate the unknown – what, how and when to expect during an annual business cycle
  • Set and reach suitable goals aligned to their situation – setting you up for personal and professional success
  • Stop paying for solutions and services that don’t generate results
  • Grow or scale their business simply and effectively

Business Consulting: Management System (for BV's)

Starting a business a great!! Managing and maintaining your business with a management system doesn’t have to be complicated. Together we define a system that meets your business activities and requirements. A great start to managing your business processes:

- Documentation Management
- Quality Management System (QMS)
- Information Security Management System (ISMS)
- Risk Management
- Evacuation Plan
- Business Continuity Plan
- Defining Business Processes